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Bathroom Renovation – One Room Challenge: Week 1

bathroom renovation One Room Challenge

Follow along with me – we’re doing a Bathroom Renovation!  Yeehaw!  Yup, it’s October and it’s time againI for the the semi-annual ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!

The ORC is a six-week challenge for bloggers to transform a room and make it gorgeous!  Every Thursday from now until November 9th, bloggers will post their progress on their websites/blogs and social media.  It’s 6-weeks filled with high-energy and lots of stress!  But, it’s FUN, too!  A challenge is always fun and I’m completely up for it!  This fall I’m going to renovate a Bathroom.

My friend and client, Rebekah, was considerate enough to respond in the positive yesterday when I asked her if I could use her Hall Bathroom as the One Room Challenge space.  She’s ALL in for the good, the bad, and the ugly!  But, it’s ALL going to be good.  When we’re at the end of this 6-week challenge, the room is going to look FABULOUS!!

But, hang on a sec – please let me show you a little bit of what we’re starting with!!  This is the “bad and the ugly” portion of the post.

bathroom renovation One Room Challenge
bathroom renovation One Room Challenge
bathroom renovation One Room Challenge
bathroom renovation


bathroom renovation
Mood Board

A couple of years ago, I brought Rebekah a Thibaut wallpaper.  I suggested that it might work well in her Hall Bathroom (down the road when she decides to renovate).  So, Rebekah held on to that sample and brought it out when she decided that we were going to renovation the space.  “Bahia, metallic” is one of our inspirational sources.

The second inspirational source is the Powder Room renovation that I completed last winter.  I participated in last Fall’s 2016 One Room Challenge, but had to quit when I decided mid-renovation that I really wanted to expose a window that had been tiled over.  The window took 8 weeks to come in, and the ORC was over by that time.  No matter!  You can read about it here, if you’d like.  But, here are a few photos of the finished space!bathroom renovation from One Room Challenge Fall 2016

bathroom renovation One Room Challenge

bathroom renovation project One Room Challenge 2016

bathroom renovation project One Room Challenge 2016


There are definitely a lot of challenges involved with this project.  The most important is going to be the coordination of the trades – who comes when, what will they be doing, etc…Timing is always crucial during a renovation – and if you are working with several trades  – the contractor, a plumber, an electrician, a tile installer, a cabinet maker, a wallpaper hanger – the designer or homeowner is going to have to make a list of all of the renovation steps prior to starting the project.  Inevitably during a renovation, things will go a little haywire – it’s to be expected.  So, we’ll see!  Fingers crossed.

If you’re interested in what the other Bloggers are doing for their One Room Challenges, click this link HERE to read what the others are doing!

Next week is demolition.  Stay tuned!

Cheers! Barclay




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    • Thanks Tim for all of your comments – that’s so considerate of you! I appreciate it! Good luck to you too!!

    • Betsy! Thanks for reading and your comments! It’ll be a nail-biter for me, as it’s happening in real time.

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