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Cape Cod Sojourn

I recently came back from a wonderful sojourn on Cape Cod.  Wianno/Osterville to be exact.  My family rented a house in Osterville for the month and all children and grandchildren were invited up to play and relax.

Squaw Island – HyannisPort, MA

Cape Cod is very special to me.  You probably have the same feeling about a place that you went to when you were a child, too.  Well, that’s my relationship with Cape Cod.  Every summer as a child (from 5yrs until college), my family rented a house in HyannisPort, MA.  I spent my summers sailing, going to the beach and playing tennis.
I loved Cape Cod!  I loved it so much – that I begged my parents to let me get married up there.  And, here we are – twelve years after my marriage -back on the Cape.

St.Peter’s Church, Wianno, MA   – where I got married

What I love about the Cape are its homes.  I’m attracted to a lot of the older homes with unusual quirks to them – like towers, or gambrel rooves, etc…  But, in general, I just really appreciate homes.  I come by it naturally – my mom’s a realtor.  So, I grew up looking at the homes  – which is part of the reason why I, probably, became an interior designer.

Wianno has some beautiful homes!  However, a lot are built on the beach and difficult to see from the street – and, well…I didn’t want to look TOO touristy!  Here are some of the homes I admired from my morning walk.  I, especially, loved the homes with an abundance of flowers or hydrangeas!

and, my favorite house – a cottage right on the beach!  (below)

I will very much miss my summer vacation on Cape Cod.  But, I have great memories to cherish!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I went to Cape Cod last summer and I really enjoyed the beaches and the fact that there was always something to do. I am looking at a Cape Cod vacation rental because I definitely want to go back this summer more times this season than last year.

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