Budget Breakdown: How much does it cost to furnish a room?

ORC: Week Four – Coming Together!

All of the pieces are slowly coming together, full circle

It’s great to see everything in my Den plan slowly coming together!

Last Thursday morning, I was happy to receive the Spencer console that I ordered from WAYFAIR .  


It came within less than a week after ordering!  I was VERY impressed!


And the quality was top knotch.

The glass has a beveled edge!

The next morning, I was lucky to receive my new Lee Industries sofa!  

After years of spreading out on a short loveseat, this new, longer sofa will be the hit in my “girlie” mancave I’m creating!

Notice the blue/white banding trim around the bottom of the skirt.  I am pretty passionate about details like that.  The small details are what really transforms a room and makes it truly unique!
I selected this style sofa for several reasons – it had a masculine, tailored look to it, which I felt the room needed.  I also liked the simplicity of the “unfussy” bench-seat cushion and the angular arms.

And, I was thrilled to pick-up my newly upholstered chair this week!

What a transformation!

Note: the lime green double welt detail

So, all-in-all, things are coming together in my One Room Challenge Den design.  

However, I did have to relinquish one piece of my design.  I very much wanted to order a pair of Hickory Chair faux bamboo benches and upholster them in a blue velvet squares fabric.

 I have the fabric, but due to time constraints, I decided to not order the benches.  I was hoping that I’d be able to find something else.  However, I’ve been thinking about using these benches somewhere in my house (for years!).  I will probably order them and install later on.

This was a fun and easy selection/decision for me.  Thanks to three FANTABULOUS blog posts that I read and pinned – from Kristen Jackson at The Hunted Interior blog, Grace from A Storied Style blog and Kris from Driven by Decor blog.  Thanks to their help,I was able to affordably order lucite acrylic rods and rings and brass bracket holders for my Den project!  I’m just waiting for all of the pieces to arrive.

via Driven by Decor blog

via Driven by Decor blog

Lastly, I’ve been mulling over what type of accessories to use in the room.  I find accessories to be the most difficult part of an install.  Mostly because accessories are so personal.  But, because this is MY install and MY room, I think it’s even harder!  After trolling around the internet, I think my best accessorizing tool will be to find large blue/white porcelain ginger jars.  I’m cutting it down to the wire, but I’m going to head over to my local resources and see what I can find.  Here’s what I’m thinking about – I think the blue will help punch up the room a bit and bring the color around.


My TO DO list: What’s left?

1.  Blackamoor Lamps – finish painting them

2.  End Table lamps – make a decision – purchase shades

3.  Artwork over Sofa 

4.  Install window sheers – already purchased and received

5.  Finish purchasing and install drapery hardware

6.  Select & Purchase blue/white porcelain accessories for room

7.  Receive & Install chairs

8.  Pick-up and install pillows and drapery treatments
9.  Photograph
10. Final REVEAL!

To see what I did last week, please click HERE.  To see how the other One Room Challenge Guest Participants are up to, click HERE and to see what the Featured Designers are doing, click HERE.
That’s it for this week!  Tootle-loo!


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8 thoughts on “ORC: Week Four – Coming Together!”

  1. Oh, my, I would order those faux bamboo stool for certain. I wish I had a spot for a pair. I may have to spend some time looking around my home for an empty spot that would accomodate these. They are gorgeous. Your den is looking great. I look forward to the final reveal.

  2. I am nuts for anything bamboo or rattan, those stools are a sure winner! I actually decided on a bamboo curtain rod for my room, but the Lucite is calling my name for whomever I can convince first to use them…I saw them the same places you did, and thought they were fab….following along and cheering while we head toward the finish line together..your room is looking pretty swell!

  3. Again I'm saying that fabric is beautiful! How exciting to get a new sofa too. Can't wait to see all of this come together.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. 😉

  4. There is nothing that blue and white porcelain can not do!
    I love that fabric.
    I hope to see your update next week.
    Thank you for sharing this at TOHOT!

    White Spray Paint

  5. Barclay I can't wait for the reveal! I am a bit late to the TOHOT party this week due to my college semester finals but I'm so glad that I didn't miss this. Have a wonderful week.

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