Budget Breakdown: How much does it cost to furnish a room?

Our Process

Though we keep the design process fun and light-hearted, sticking to these highly refined 10 steps ensures efficiency, open communication, and paves the way for our ultimate success. We don’t manage any project without them!

Step One

Design Consultation

After reviewing the initial questionnaire we received from you, we’ll discuss any questions and your goals for the space. This is also the time for us to nail down the scope of your project, its estimated timeline, your desired investment, and the budget needed to bring your goals to life. 

Step Two

Contract & Package Selection

After we’ve discussed all details and agreed on design scope and fees, you’ll sign on the dotted line and pay in full. This is the moment your design project finally launches and you can break out the champagne — clink!!

Step Three

Site Measurements, Photos & Client Goals

We’ll join you on-site to measure the property, take photos, and tour the space. This is another opportunity for you to share your goals, get ideas, visualize your future space together. 

Step Four

Design & Documentation

We create floor plan options and source our selections for finishes, furniture, materials, fabrics, wallcoverings, etc… everything you’ll need for your dream home. 

Step Five

First Look Presentation & Client Approval

We formally present the room design concept and approximate pricing of goods and services. This is your moment to give us your feedback so we can make any re-selections as needed. (All decision-makers must be present!)

Step Six

Final Look Presentation, Estimates & Client Approval

Following the feedback we received in our First Look Presentation, we’ll present the final design selections for approval. Again, all decision-makers need to be present!

Step Seven

Proposals & Approvals

Once we’ve received quotes on all selections, we’ll finalize project pricing, write up proposals and receive your deposit on the goods approved.

Step Eight

Purchasing & Procurement

You won’t see much during this phase, but a TON is happening behind the scenes. We’ll place orders for all of your approved selections, communicating with vendors and suppliers, tracking shipments, resolving any backorder issues, and managing deliveries… and you won’t have to lift a finger!

Step Nine

Oversight, Delivery Coordination & Installation

We’ll manage product deliveries, storing items as needed and arranging any major installations that can’t wait until Reveal Day. 

Step Ten

Finishing Touches, Photography and FINAL REVEAL!!

This is the day you’ve been waiting for! Treat yourself to a day out, while we add all the finishing touches, take photographs, and give you that much-anticipated phone call inviting you to come back to your new home…

Be prepared to laugh, cry, ooh and ahh all at once! But don’t worry, we’ll be teary with joy right there along with you… and popping some celebratory bottles! 😉

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Budget Breakdown:
How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room?