Budget Breakdown: How much does it cost to furnish a room?


Your style, your way…all without lifting a finger.

You have a flair for style, but when it comes to your home, you’d rather keep your
daily routine and let a professional manage the details.

That’s exactly what we do for you – everything. Once we’ve collaborated on your initial design, we’ll oversee
ordering, management, installation and styling…and all with a sunny sense of humor!

Our Signature Full Service Design Experience
Designing your sunniest home is a journey full of collaboration, creativity, and managing high-level details on your behalf. Our 10-Step process is designed to keep the channels of communication open, establish benchmarks for progress, and pave the way for ultimate success!
Barclay Stone interior design services Atlanta Georgia

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Barclay showed excellent project management skills while handling many details that were involved in this complex project. The best part, Barclay is a true pleasure to work with.”

- Joyce H.

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Budget Breakdown:
How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room?