Budget Breakdown: How much does it cost to furnish a room?

One Room Challenge: Week 4 already?

This One Room Challenge is flying by!  I’m hoping that I’ll have all of my upholstered furniture back before the end of this challenge – as well as the area rug that I just ordered!   Decorating a room can be challenging enough without the added pressure of doing it in six weeks and posting your progress via a blog (for all the world to see and judge!).

Feeling frazzled?

But, in truth, I DO feel like I have this under control.  Whether I am able to finish the space within the allotted six weeks – time will tell.  But, I know, for sure, that I will finish the space because I have a plan and everything’s been ordered.

So, let me quickly tell you what happened in Living Room World this week.  The painters left and the pale pink room with white gloss trim turned out fabulously!

Drapery rod ….going up!

With the paint dry, I was able to start pulling the room together.  I re-installed the existing gold-leaf wood drapery rod.  And, hung the brand new white silk drapery panels.

The pink, yellow, peach and soft green “faux silk” tassel trim was a great addition and very affordable.  The colors really blended well into my room scheme!

Overall, the white panels brighten and lighten up the room – creating a soft and feminine space.

I was hoping to start working on my contemporary art piece.  However, it’s been dark and gloomy all week.  And, the thought of painting a bright and summery-colored canvas in my cold, dank and dark basement wasn’t appealing in the least!  Sooooo…..I’ll save that creativity for this weekend!

Instead, I did a very minor project.  It may seem silly to some – but, overall, it will make a subtle impact in the room.  I have a large secretary in my Living Room.  Inside the cabinet, the back of the cabinet is lined with a yellowed fabric and the nails are hidden with a gimp trim accent.

Here is the before photo of the interior of the secretary.

The BEFORE shot is fine.  No one really looks inside the cabinet anyhow.  But, details make the difference in a designed room.

A close-up shot of the BEFORE.

So, I tore out the original liner and replaced it with a bright white cotton fabric and used some leftover green Brunschwig & Fils gimp that I had in my storage box.

Using the existing liner as a template for creating the new liner

Then, I start stapling it into the cabinet.

OOPS!  Wait a sec – I’m completely exhausted.  Time for a short cat-nap!

Okay – now I feel refreshed – and am able to hot glue gun in all of the trim!

Lastly, I started another project – but haven’t yet finished.  I have a void in my Living Room.  And, to fill that void – I thought that I’d add a bit more seating.  Something casual that can be moved around and something that wasn’t a huge investment.  I purchased some really cool acrylic cross-leg stools from Overstock.  The “Vicky Ottoman” was a great find and one that I think will be a fun addition to my “formal” living room.  

A pair of these benches will round out my conversation area.  I currently have a rectangle coffee table and my new floor plan kind of wishes that I would’ve sprung for a new square coffee table.  But, I’m not.  I’m being realistic and my current coffee table is perfect for the space and I can easily work around it.  Hence!  The benches! 

And, lucite/acrylic is a perfect material to add to my traditional mix.  This room has a lot of brown furniture and traditional pieces.  Infusing a bit of acrylic will freshen up the space and keep the tone light!  So, I’m excited about them.

I just don’t know what I’m going to reupholster them in.   I have extra yardage of these 2 fabrics – but was thinking maybe a creamy white might be good.  And, possibly, use the trim from my yellow drapery panels…..

  1.  Green
“Tao Fretwork, jade”

2.  Pink

“Nirvana Shadow, pink”

And, that’s it for this week!

To read more about the Challenge and to see some of the featured designers’ work, click HERE.  And, to see what the other Guest Bloggers are doing with their spaces, click HERE.  Enjoy your week – and look at my Instagram account to see how I’m progressing HERE.


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Budget Breakdown:
How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room?