Budget Breakdown: How much does it cost to furnish a room?

One Room Challenge: Living Room Transformation

HOLD YOUR HORSES FOLKS!  It’s coming!  The One Room Challenge is back for the Spring season!

One Room Challenge, guest participant

The One Room Challenge is a 6-week blogging diary of a room transformation. This spring, I’m going to re-decorate my Living Room.

View of current Living Room

The One Room Challenge is now in it’s 7th year!  Amazing!  I was an avid follower early on – and then decided to try my hand at it.  Back in 2011, I turned my basement storage room into a tidy and bright Office space.  The results were (meh) – okay and it was definitely a transformation.  However, I had no idea how professional this challenge was – meaning, most participants hired professional photographers to shoot their AFTER photos (and, of course, I hadn’t thought of that – nor did I feel like my basement room merited professional photographs).  So, it took a few years for me to join in the fun again, but I did!  I started with my Family Room/Den back in the Spring of 2016 and since, have successfully finished 3 rooms.  And now, I’ll be transforming my Living Room.

Here is a photo of my Spring 2016 Den transformation.

One Room Challenge, spring 2016 DEN

And, my Fall 2016 flooded bathroom renovation.

One Room Challenge, Fall 2016 Guest Powder Room renovation

My Fall 2017 Client bathroom renovation turned out beautifully, but for various reasons, I can’t post any professional or overall shots of the space right now.

One Room Challenge, Fall 2017 Bathroom renovation scheme

Linda Weinstein, the Founder of the One Room Challenge, recently hosted a panel in Atlanta to discuss “Growing your Digital Brand”.  At the time, I wasn’t even remotely thinking about joining in the Spring One Room Challenge festivities.   However, after listening to Linda and her panel guests, I decided to rethink my decision.  I didn’t have any particular room in mind (as ALL of the rooms in my house need love!).  What’s that saying?  “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”?  Well, this designer’s house has no decorated rooms!   So, I could’ve selected any room – Dining, Entry, Master, Guest…but, my Living Room is the room that all guests see first.

MY LIVING ROOM.  It isn’t in deplorable shape.  As a matter of fact, I LOVE this room and use it often.  I decorated it in 2001 and the design easily transferred to our Atlanta house when we moved here back in 2007.  But, it’s been 17 years – and quite honestly, I’m just tired of looking at the yellow walls.  And, if you look closely – well, don’t – as the upholstery is a bit faded and stained (due to two wild boys running thru the space with muddy shoes and chocolate bars).  Plus, I’m ready for a change – something a bit softer.  And, the space planning could be updated – I’m not using the room to its full seating capacity!

existing Living Room (photo taken on a good day a couple years ago)
Existing Sofa

What I love most about the One Room Challenge, is that it forces me to make smart, but quick decisions.  I can make design decisions easily for clients, but when it comes to making decisions for myself, I definitely have too many options to choose from.  Often, I want to wait until the Spring line comes out or the Fall lines come out before I can make my final decision.  But, not this month.  No – this month – I will finalize and move forward with fabrics and trims that I’ve coveted for the past few years.

INSPIRATION.  The inspiration for my room is this oversized family portrait that was painted back in the early 70s.  I absolutely LOVE this painting and had hoped that I might “inherit” it when my parents downsized.  Unfortunately for me, it fit perfectly (in size and color) in their smaller house.  So, I won’t be able to use it in my transformation.  Instead, I’m going to paint my own contemporary art piece that will mimic the colors in this portrait – pinks, whites, soft turquoises, and soft greens.

Family Portrait – circa 1971
(I’m clutching my mom’s arm on the left)
Living Room fabric scheme

Sooo….stay tuned for what happens next week!  I can’t officially start yet – as I’m out of town for Spring Break.  But, you can be sure that I’ll be busting my butt trying to catch up with all of the other ORC Bloggers!  This should be fun!  And, tp see what the other ORC bloggers are doing – click here!

Please follow me and help boost my morale by posting comments every week!

Cheers! – Barclay


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0 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Living Room Transformation”

    • Thanks so much Cate! Yes – I love this portrait and WISH so much that it was in my space!! I think you’re doing a transformation too? I haven’t had much time this week to look at anyone else’s spaces yet – but I’d double check and be sure to follow along!

    • HI Marina! And, thanks for following along! I’ve had a busy week – but, hope to calm down a bit and start following your huge room transformation too! Good luck!

    • Thanks so much Sarah! I still need to check and see if you’re doing a room this Spring! But, thanks for following along!!

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